Afternoon Delight

Today my healthy drink of choice - homemade juice made with fresh fruit. I think I make more juice in the summer because of the heat. It is nice to have a refreshing drink to serve - that is full of nutrients. I would like to think that I eat healthy 75% of the time - but that is not always the case. I do like to eat a juicy apple and get all the fiber and peel an orange - delicious! Today I just decided to mix things up a bit.

I pulled out my juicer and peeled a couple of grapefruits, cut up two apples, and had 5 carrot sticks in the veggie drawer. I am also a lover of cinnamon. So, combining these ingredients - oh my - very satisfying. 

Afternoon Delight

2 grapefruit, peeled 

2 apples, cut up

5 carrot sticks 

A dash of cinnamon


Place ingredients in a juicer - pour 

sprinkle cinnamon on top and enjoy!

grapefruit, apple, carrot afternoon delight!

grapefruit, apple, carrot afternoon delight!

The juice will separate - don't worry- spinning it with a straw will keep the consistency together - and just a fun thing to do on a lazy afternoon. Enjoy!