Since December I have been wanting to get some definition - I mean - muscle definition. I wanted to be able to see if at my age - this was even possible. I looked at food guides and was guided by a friend who does bikini competitions on the "how to's" of doing just that - gaining muscle. To be able to get a great work out - and not live at the gym - which we all know, could happen if we let it. I decided to lift at home. With an occasional gym work out. 

Of course, I turned to Beachbody and got literally hooked on "Body Beast" - heavy lifting! The trainer for these DVD's is Sagi Kalev - he was in the Israeli army and completed a four year tour of duty and won many bodybuilding competitions. And Body Beast is on sale at this very moment for $39.00 for the entire Body Beast collection! Click on my Beachbody site - and check it out. 

I felt amazing after I completed my goal to gain muscle - I didn't walk away with big bulky arms or legs - no! I did put on about 5 pounds of muscle and whittled my fat and weight down. I am convinced that some form of weight lifting is definitely for every one -but especially- for women. One of my favorites - "Lucky Seven" - is quick and I think effective. It's three exercises that are done one right after the other - so- one rep, two reps, three reps and so on until you hit seven reps. Then you go on to the next set. I find that I am always pressed for time. This one is only 20 minutes long. I have included a quick tutorial - again - still learning how to do this!  

My husband also likes the Body Beast DVD's as he can lift very heavy and get a great home work out - no gym required!