3 Day Refresh

October is moments away and the feelings of excitement for the holiday's - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my favorite - Christmas are just around the corner. I do love to get out my decorations for each new holiday that we celebrate. Really I have the best Halloween decorations - very scary and not cute at all. Really young children are scared to trick or treat at my house. But also what I've noticed is - the candy at the stores are now out first thing in September. This is to remind us that at all opportunities - stock up on the candy - because it is abundant! I know most of us use our common knowledge and will power not to indulge in the sweets but that is not always the case. To reset or refresh my mindset - especially my healthy nutritional goals and habits - I have done the 3 Day Refresh with Shakeology. 

Each 3 Day Refresh Kit comes with 3 days of Shakeology, 3 days of fiber sweep (yes, very gentle), and 3 days of Vanilla Sweep Shake, and a program guide for snacks and a healthy dinner. And of course drinking lots of water for renewed health and revitalized energy. Or 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack - the kit bundled with 30 day supply of Shakeology. Which will give you a month's worth of your dense dose of daily nutrition - Shakeology.  

Interested? Visit me at www.beachbodycoach.com/cwbezzant - check out the 3 Day Refresh - reset, renew, refresh.