Ultimate Reset

October is such a fun time of year - not quite the holidays - summer sizzle is over. The mornings are cold now (at least here in Colorado they are) and I have finally pulled out sweaters to wear. I also have my thicker robe that I like to put on at night. Leaves have turned and trees are about to be bare. It's dark by 7:15 pm which means we are slowly getting to that it's dark at 5 pm. This also means that we are inside more often and TV becomes more of an activity at night - and not outside play or walks. Football is on the television now - and we all gather to see who will be the next Super Bowl team. All in all - it is a great time of year. That being said, it's also the time that I hyper focus on my nutrition. I know what is around the corner - it's Halloween goodies and Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas time sweets. This month - The Ultimate Reset is on sale. This is a program which gets you back to basics - eating whole nutritious foods and resetting your body. 

So excited when the Ultimate Reset showed up - getting ready to really work on my clean eating. 

So excited when the Ultimate Reset showed up - getting ready to really work on my clean eating. 

What I noticed when I did the Ultimate Reset - is my energy level was up and my body was able to get back to a fresh start - and I felt phenomenal. It's 21 days of clean eating, water -- drinking lots of it and completely able to make this work in my very busy life as a mother.  I loved being able to feel completely rested after I slept and a nice side effect - I lost weight. After doing this program - I was more aware of what I put in to my mouth.  

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset gets your body back to where it needs to be. This is a very gentle, eat whole foods and take your body back to its optimal place. The side effects - more energy, lower cholesterol, lower body fat - are just the perks of doing this amazing program. For the month of October it is on sale - don't miss out. 

You can find this on my Beachbody site: www.beachbody.com/cwbezzant or here on my website under "Beachbody Store." Great opportunity - and get it now while on sale.