HIIT Over Traditional Cardio

In my last post, I touched a bit on HIIT, but I thought why not dedicate a whole blog post to it? It really is that great. High Intense Interval Training or HIIT is definitely an effective and fast way to burn or rather torch the fat. Who has time to dedicate an hour to cardio? I must admit spinning and running have their place, time permitting of course. However, when we are addressing the needs of a mother who is in crunch time mode, the answer is HIIT.

Twenty minutes of explosive moves with rest periods in between are very doable. HIIT can be done pretty much anywhere, where ever there is space for you to move around. HIIT can be done with any sport, like running for instance. You tack on sprints for 30 to 60 seconds then bring your heart rate down with a light jog. Bring your heart rate back up with another round of explosive speed. Hard? Yes, very hard. However, your body will be in burning mode hours after your workout.

I like to do Plyometric HIIT training. I can do this in the comfort of my own home or in the gym. I have seen the most changes in my body (and that’s saying something because I am no spring chicken) by combining HIIT with weightlifting. This makes sense to a woman who is on a mission to get her workout done and see results from her training. This is why it rocks! If you can’t get to the gym, here’s a work out for you. Work it mama!

Supplies: Light Dumbbells, Low Coffee Table or Stepper for Box Jumps, Jump Rope

Fit Tip: In between each set, bring your heart rate down by jogging in place for 30 seconds. Remember, listen to your body! If you can’t get to 20 Burpee Box Jumps or 20 Jump Lunges, cut those numbers in half. Over time as you continue to HIIT, slowly raise those numbers. Now get to it and push yourself.

20 Burpee Box Jumps (Yes, burpee to a box jump. I do these on my low coffee table in my basement, or if in the gym, use a stepper with risers)

20 Push-ups

20 Ab Bikes (per leg)

20 Jump Lunges

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Squat and Press (Bring weight down to sides then as you lift from squat, bring weight overhead)

15 Dumbbell Straight Leg Jackknife (Lying straight on the ground, crunch your body together while keeping legs straight, and bring weight overhead touching feet)

20 Tuck Jumps (Jump up and bring knees to chest and back down, repeat)

20 Decline push ups (Feet up on table)

20 Dumbbell Bent Knee Leg Jackknife (Lying straight on the ground, crunch your body together while bending knees, and bring weight overhead touching knee caps)

100 Rotations with a Jump Rope


*Check out my Instagram account @fitmamaof6 to see some of these moves