The Chiseled Six Pack Abs

How many mothers do you know of that have chiseled six pack abs? That population is pretty small. After all, our tummies have housed babies and for some of us, it's multiple babies all at once. After years, it is possible that the abs trim back down, but to actually have six pack abs where the muscles are popping out, is not in the game plan anymore.

This post is from my own experience of trying to find my abs. I work on my abs almost every workout, some days harder than others. I must admit that my core strength is pretty decent but that is only because of the work that I have put in to "finding" them. I feel that my core workout is one to get serious about and implementing it into your workout will help develop and find those muscles that have been missing. 

Get excited and motivated to try these abdominal exercises, and you will find that you will get stronger each time you do them. You only get out, what you put in. Now let's get moving!

Supplies:  Dumbbells, low table

Dumbbell Sit Up with a Twist (4 sets of 10 reps) Using a low table, place straight legs on table. Sit up and twist hand to opposite foot. Repeat on the other side, this counts as one rep.

Ab Bikes (25 per leg) Lying on your back, bring legs in to body like you are riding an upside down bike. Keep abs tight as you perform this exercise.

Dumbbell Straight Leg JackKnife (4 sets of 10 reps) Lying on your back, bring one dumbbell with both hands, and keeping arms straight over your head. With legs straight bring them up to meet your hands with dumbbell. Now, lower both to the ground to complete one rep. If possible, keep head lifted to really feel the abdominal burn. 

Mountain Climbers (20 per leg) In plank position, with hands holding you still, alternate bringing your legs in to your chest. Keep core completely tight as you perform this exercise. 

In Plank position getting ready to do Mountain Climbers, to strengthen the abs. 

In Plank position getting ready to do Mountain Climbers, to strengthen the abs.