Staying In The Moment

Since lifting weights I have learned a lot about myself. I tend to stay away from the weights larger than 20 lbs. - I think for the majority of women - we tend to go lighter while lifting. My form is really not the best because lets face it - there is so much to think about. Is my back straight and are my abs tight so that I don't stress my lower back? So, my goal when lifting is trying to "be present" while actually doing the moves. I don't want to have sloppy form - and then get injured. I also think that as women - we tend to think about the 1,000 other things we have to get done for the day - then the mind wanders.  

I have noticed also that I am stronger in certain areas - I feel my back is strong but my legs are weak. I don't really enjoy lifting when it comes to my legs. It's hard - very hard. I know that I do need to work opposing muscle groups - so I don't get injured. I also try to work both sides of my body equally - I know that my right side is stronger than my left side. So, when I do any lifting on the left side - there is a lot of heavy breathing. It's hard! 

As I have learned these things about myself, slowly very slowly I have increased the weights I lift. I can now pick up 30 lb dumbbells and do squats - and chest presses. But I stay lighter - maybe 15 - 20 lbs. when doing lunges - and I go slow. The minute I speed up - my form is bad. So much to think about! 

Finally able to pick up the 30 lbs. and do squats with them. 

Finally able to pick up the 30 lbs. and do squats with them. 

I know it is like this with any sport or interest - keeping focused and determined to do and be the best that we can be. And then - afterwards - being happy with what we did - and having that sense of accomplishment. 

Finding our weaknesses in our every day lives - is hard to embrace - its working hard every day to strengthen them. I think it can change your mindset - and it keeps you humble. Be present  - stay in the moment - focus and be set on your goals.