Tabata Circuits

I am not an athlete in any way shape or form. I do love to hear from others what their daily work outs are. I am all in when it comes to a great work out. There are some things that I am not able to do- due to a running injury. And since having my children there are some things I am limited in doing. I must also add in my age - I'm getting on in my years - so jumping is a tad limited. I do try - but I am extremely cautious.

Lately along with my "Beachbody" Beast work outs (lifting heavy weights - which that is another story!) I have incorporated circuits in to my routine. I like the "Tabata" idea - and using it in a circuit routine. So, if its a leg day for me - I will do :

30 X Jumps

30 Weighted Step ups 

40 Jump Lunges

15 Split Squats

15 Broad jump burpees

So, I like a little challenge - set your iphone or timer to 7 minutes and try to go through all of these moves in that 7 minutes. Once all the way through - give yourself a minute to bring your heart rate down, then do another 7 minutes. 14 minutes total.  "Tabata's" are generally done in 30 second sprints - in running, spinning, biking or whatever you like. It's just enough to get the heart rate up and then bring it back down again. 

Play with what works for you - it may not be this - but this is what I am enjoying right now. Do what works for you and mix it up.  Note: still working on videos - my twelve year old can make them better than I can.